“Just Show Up”

If you struggle with anxiety, overwhelm, or just plain feeling like a failure, I have a mantra for you that’s been really helping me out lately: Just show up. As I’ve said elsewhere on this blog, I am a peer in mental health issues, and my biggest problem has always been depression. I’ve had to … Continue reading “Just Show Up”

Why You’ve Never Heard of DBT

An Introduction to DBT Dialectical Behavioral Therapy might sound like a mouthful, but the reality is actually pretty simple. DBT is an extension of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that teaches skills for mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation. DBT basically lists a selection of skills to use either habitually or during particularly emotional times, … Continue reading Why You’ve Never Heard of DBT

Going Away to College (When You Have Depression and/or Anxiety)

Understand that this is going to be a big life change. Even if it’s positive and you make lots of new friends and have a great time, it will still cause you stress, which can still trigger depression. Prepare for it just in case.Register with disability services. If you have a diagnosis, find out what … Continue reading Going Away to College (When You Have Depression and/or Anxiety)