Journaling for Mental Health

Getting started with journaling can be really intimidating. Fortunately, it's actually easy. Your job is just to poke around in your brain a little with the goal of working on your mental health. When you sit down to write, don't panic. Journaling is nothing like the SATs. No one is grading them or even LOOKING … Continue reading Journaling for Mental Health

The No-Cleanse Lifestyle (tw for witchcraft)

Unlike other witches, I don't DO cleansing. Sometimes, there are exceptions. If something has "bad energy" surrounding it (like things that I love but were given to me by an ex-partner), I will cleanse it. If my tarot deck is giving me weird repeats, I take note of their message (then make a Facebook post … Continue reading The No-Cleanse Lifestyle (tw for witchcraft)

Review: The PTSD Workbook by Mary Beth Williams

The PTSD Workbook by Mary Beth Williams (second edition) is an interactive journey through trauma recovery backed up by science and personal wisdom. It largely conforms to other works about trauma I have read, especially Judith Herman's ideas about the three phases of trauma recovery. I was super excited to dive in and do all … Continue reading Review: The PTSD Workbook by Mary Beth Williams